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World record until now still held Indonesia

Besides some common shortcomings inherent in our homeland Indonesia, but there are dozens of world records we should be proud as an Indonesian citizen because until now there blom capable of breaking the record of Indonesia.

Here's a list of 24 world record by Indonesia.

* Republic of Indonesia is a country in the world's largest archipelago consisting of 17,504 islands (including the 9634 islands that have not been given the name and the 6000 islands are uninhabited).
* Here are 3 of the 6 largest island in the world, namely: Borneo (the third largest island in the world with an area of 539.460 km2), Sumatra (473,606 km2) and Papua (421.981 km2).
* Indonesia is the largest maritime countries in the world with a water area of 93 thousand km2 and the length of the beach around 81 thousand km2, or almost 25% long beach in the world.
* Java is the world's most populous island, where about 60% near the Indonesian population (approximately 130 jt people) live on the island that the width is only 7% of the entire territory of Indonesia.
* Indonesia is a country with the largest tribes in the world. There are more than 740 tribes / ethnic, which in Papua alone there were 270 tribes.
* Countries with the largest regional languages, namely, 583 languages and dialects of the 67 main languages used by various tribes in Indonesia. National language is Indonesian, although local language with the most number of users in Indonesia is the Javanese language.
* Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. The number of adherents of Islam in Indonesia around 216 million people or 88% of the population of Indonesia. Also has the largest mosque and pilgrims Origin of the world's largest.
* Buddhist monument (temple) is the world's largest Borobudur temple in Central Java with a height 42 meters (10 levels) and long-relief more than 1 km. Estimated to be over 40 years by Sailendra Dynasty during the ancient Mataram kingdom (750-850).
* The oldest ancient human found in the world, namely: Pithecanthropus Erectus' ¬ estimated from 1.8 million years ago.
* Republic of Indonesia is the country's first born after World War II in 1945. RI is the 70th oldest state in the world.
* Indonesia is the first country (until now the only one) that ever came out of the United Nations (UN) on January 7, 1965 date. RI to join back to the United Nations in 1966.
* Indonesian badminton team is the most won badminton men symbol of supremacy, Thomas Cup, which is as many as 13 x (the first time last years 1958 & 2002).
* Indonesia is a producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world (20% of world supply) is also the second largest tin producer.
* Indonesia is ranked 1st in agricultural products, namely: Clove (cloves) & nutmeg (nutmeg), and No. 2 in the natural rubber (Natural Rubber) and crude palm oil (Crude Palm Oil).
* Indonesia is the largest exporter of plywood (plywood), which is about 80% in world markets.
* Coral Reef (Coral Reef) Indonesia is the richest (18% of the total world).
* Indonesia has the most shark species are 150 species in the world.
* Biodiversity Orchid terbeser world: 6 thousand species of orchids, ranging from the largest (or Tiger Orchid Grammatophyllum speciosum) to the smallest (Taeniophyllum, which leaves no), including the rare Black Orchid, and only occurred in Papua.
* Having the largest mangrove forest in the world. This plant is useful lo prevent sea water erosion / abrasion.
* Animals surviving ancient: Komodo dragons are found only on Komodo island, East Nusa Tenggara is the largest lizard in the world. Length bias reaches 3 meters and weighs 90 kg.
* Rafflesia arnoldi growing in Sumatra is the largest flower in the world. When the flowers bloomed, reaching 1 meter in diameter.
* Having the world's smallest primate, the Pygmy Tarsier (Tarsius pumilus) or Mount Tarsier also called the length is only 10 cm. Monkey-like animal that lives above the tree and was found in Sulawesi.
* The discovery of the world's longest snake is, Python Reticulates along 10 meters in Sulawesi.
* The world's smallest fish found recently in the muddy swamps of Sumatra. 7.9 mm long as adults, or approximately mosquitoes. Fish's body is transparent and does not have a bone head.

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