Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Remove Virus w32/sality

Well, W32/Sality again.A few weeks ago my computer has been infected by virus w32/sality. make me is upset, because this virus, me is hard to play games, browsing, and others.
Initially it's cool w32/sality computer virus hit, but after I was looking for info on google about this virus he
said if the computer is in for a long time infected by that virus could make a broken computer. hence I immediately find information about this virus in google.

more info I get, but the most powerful scan using "Norman Malware Cleaner". Can check in for info http://www.norman.com/support/support_tools/58732/en norman malware cleaner. if you want to download norman malware cleaner scroll to down and click download, if you lazy to search http://normanasa.vo.llnwd.net/o29/public/Norman_Malware_Cleaner.exe nih link nya. if you've download Norman Malware Cleaner, now you just download antivirus. but if you have antivirus at your computer you can install it. (should download it, who know the antivirus installer will also have the infection sality). advice from my mending download SmadAV for local virus (Indonesia), and other antivirus download for viruses from outside the country. example Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky, NOD32, avira etc.., link SmadAV: http://www.smadav.net.

- The process to remove the virus, first download norman malware cleaner, if you've completed to download the program Rename the original file name (Norman Malware Cleaner.exe) to "Norman Malware.Cmd". why should the rename?? because sality infects all files with extensions. exe.
oh yes dont forget to turn the LAN connection. because the virus can spread through lan. if you've the renaming, live Launch The program. you can do full scan of all computers, let all the virus could be lost. process is also quite long, approximately 30-300 minutes (Exact spesification computer, too). if you've scannya full complete, close the program. if the program ask you should not restart the computer in the first resart.
- Now only just install the antivirus. when it's finished installing the antivirus, updates the antivirus. when you're done, re-scan all hard drives in computers with new antivirus, and now restart your computer..
- After the computer turn on again, make sure that no viruses are w32/sality. This additional yes, if you want to scan the registry files, and other applications can use CCleaner. CCleaner website: http://www.ccleaner.com/.

now the computer is free from viruses w32/sality. if the virus was still present in your computer, can find info on gogle to remove this virus.

Sorry if the word is not clear. I only use "Google Translator". Original article can be found at http://kidsshadow.blogspot.com/2010/01/cara-menghapus-virus-w32sality.html

Thanks, Kidsshadow
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